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A rule allows you to react to a subset of one type of Megamify events in real time.

A quick glossary of relevant terms:

  • Megastream: The group of features that make up the Megastream Event pipeline.
    • A Megamify Event is a JSON-formatted string describing an event about a Player or Title.
  • Rule: Performs extra logic in response to one type of Megamify Event in real time.
    • The sum of: One Event Trigger, an optional list of Conditions, and an optional list of Actions.
  • Trigger: The name of the Event which activates this Rule.
  • Condition: A content filter for Rules and other Megamify features.
    • Performs a very lightweight evaluation of the Megamify event JSON object, and skips events that don’t match requirements.
  • Action: The contextual work to be done on the appropriate entity.

A rule consists of exactly one Trigger, an optional list of Conditions, and typically at least one Action (not required, but quite useless without it).

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