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We Never Stop Growing

We believe transparency is key, and our clients impact the future of our platform. Explore the Megamify Roadmap to see how we are building the future of our platform, and even suggest new features!

As always, we want your feedback. Addressing issues remains a high priority so please continue to share your findings in the via


Please note that while this roadmap reflects our aspirations, features and timelines are subject to change without notice.

Coming Q1 2021


Simple yet powerful admin interface for defining ad-hoc “Rules” for obtaining Achievements, Currencies, Statistics or Ranks.


Block profanity in Player display names.

Postman Collection

A Postman collection for testing the Megamify API quickly and easily.

Coming Q2 2021


Virtual goods management


  • Twilio - Push Notifications
  • SendGrid - Transactional Emails


  • Python
  • Node
  • C#
  • Unity
  • Unreal