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Getting Started


The Megamify Management API allows you to issue REST calls to programmatically control Game and Player data. This API simplifies your testing of Megamify enabled games and gives you flexibility when managing your games to address cheating and fix player accounts.

With the Megamify Management API, you can perform these tasks:

  • Reset values for these resources:
    • Achievements
    • Leaderboards
  • Hide Players from Leaderboards

To use the Management API, an API User must first be created in the Megamify Dashboard. Once a user is created any HTTP tools such as cURL, or Postman, can be used to interact with the Management API.


All management API calls have key/value pairs that need to be passed in the headers.

Name Type Description
X-Game-Secret-Key string The Game’s secret key
Authorization string The JWT token (eg - JWT TOKEN_VALUE)