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Getting Started

Welcome to the Megamify™ Developer Guide, an extensive set of documentation that contains everything you need to start using Megamify in your experiences. If you are new to Megamify, we recommend you Sign Up for our free Micro tier and give it a try!

Retrieving your Game ID

When you create a Game in Megamify, it generates a unique ID that identifies your Game.

Creating and Logging in a Player

The first step in adding Megamify to any experience is adding code to authenticate and log in the player. Logging in the player returns a security token that is needed for all other API calls.


Next steps

Every Experience is different and you will have a unique set of features that you must build every time. It is important to know and understand how to map those features into Megamify. For instance most games will have:

  • Players
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Ranks
  • Statistics

Megamify already handles the above for you and more such as Virtual Currencies, Checkins, etc.!